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Legal Compliance Training

Many businesses operate in highly regulated environments, making legal compliance training essential to protect the interests of a company and its staff, as well as its customers.

Industries that are fast changing and those that can have a direct influence on the health and safety of their customers tend to be the ones with the greatest and most complex needs when it comes to compliance training for staff and management.

Examples include:

  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Food Service / Catering
  • Aviation / Aerospace
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Banking & Finance

Well publicized cases of workplace indiscretions, law breaking and non-compliance with industry guidelines often involves individual staff or entire teams pushing the boundaries of acceptability, usually in pursuit or one or more of cost-saving, profit and time-saving.

Proper and up to date training for staff will often inform or refresh knowledge of new and existing laws and guidelines, and crucially, the reasons for which they are in place.

Legal compliance training for managers will better prepare them for ensuring adherence to legislation, risk management, and gaining buy-in from their teams.

High quality compliance training is often extremely low cost, especially when structured to the unique needs of a business, and will almost always come in at a fraction of the cost of industry sanctions or expensive litigation if things were to go wrong for customers, staff or commercial partners.

Professional Services & Solutions

Webanywhere (UK, USA and Poland)

Offer innovative Workplace Learning solutions via elearning, including their Compliance Module. This is based on the Moodle learning management system.

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Webanywhere Ltd
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Legal Compliance Services (UK)

Former SRA compliance experts offer consulting and guidance for businesses through risk management and regulatory matters. They have assisted over 2,500 companies.

Tel: 01788 561 661

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